Top 10 High Yielding Cannabis Strains 2022

High yielding cannabis strains

For many growers, high yields are one of the most important factors to consider when cultivating cannabis. Like with most things in life we want maximum value for money and the biggest rewards for our time and effort. This is why when choosing a marijuana strain to grow it is important that you can produce as much bud as possible for your investment.

High-yielding cannabis strains are easy to find these days, with most strains averaging around 400-500g/m2 indoors and 400-500g per plant outdoors. However, some marijuana strains produce well above these numbers. In this article, we have picked out 10 of our favorites for you to enjoy.

Big Bud high yielding cannabis strains


THC: 18-20%
YIELD: 500-700g/m2
HEIGHT: 180-220cm
EFFECT: Relaxing, Couch Lock

Big Bud has been well known for its ability to produce huge yields for many years now, and it’s for this reason that its popularity continues. With a name like ‘Big Bud’, this strain has a lot to live up to, and it definitely does. 


An indica dominant strain with a respectable 18-20% THC content, Big Bud delivers a relaxed and positive experience. Its indica traits will leave you feeling content and occasionally couch-locked, ideal for a quiet night in. 


The real beauty of this strain though is its fantastic yields. Indoors this strain is capable of producing 500-700g/m2 of thick, dense buds in only 8-10 weeks of flowering. While outdoors a whopping 800-900g per plant is easily achievable in the right conditions.

Although naturally, this strain is a big producer it also responds well to training techniques such as LST and ScrOG which can add even more bud sites to your plant.


THC: 18%
YIELD: 800gr/m²
HEIGHT: 180-220cm
EFFECT: Energetic, Uplifting

Developed in Spain,  Moby Dick is a cross between two legendary strains, Haze x White Widow. Known for being used as a parent strain to create new cultivars, Moby Dick is world-renowned for its high yields.


With THC around 18%, Moby Dick delivers a strong sativa high which also has a powerful body effect from the indica side. It is very long-lasting and its overall power is exactly what you might expect considering the pedigree of its two parent strains.


As high yielding marijuana strains go, Moby Dick is right up there with the best. Capable of yielding 800g/m2 in just 9 weeks when grown indoors, this strain reacts very well to training techniques such as ScrOG and super cropping. Grown outdoors you can expect even bigger yields of 800-1200g per plant.

A true high yielding classic!

Gelato marijuana strain


THC: 27%
YIELD: 500-700gr/m²
HEIGHT: 100-180cm
EFFECT: Energetic, Euphoric, Relaxing

Gelato is a strain many growers and users will be familiar with. Known for its high THC, yields, and amazing taste, it has become one of the most popular strains around.


Developed by crossing Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies the result produced a powerful hybrid with THC levels of up to 27%. Its effects are an energetic, euphoric buzz that descends into a deep sense of calm and relaxation. 

Also a high yielding cannabis strain, Gelato offers growers hugely generous yields of between 500-700g/m2 when grown indoors. Those growing this strain outdoors can expect even bigger yields of between 800g-1kg per plant when grown in ideal conditions. 


We can’t talk about Gelato without mentioning its flavor! A burst of sweet berries and citrus is joined by creamy vanilla, which will leave you wanting more and more.

While not the easiest of strains to grow, it is definitely worth the effort.


THC: 28%
YIELD: 650-700gr/m²
HEIGHT: 80-120cm
EFFECT: Body Stone, Relaxing

Blue Sunset is all about producing big, fat, sticky buds. And plenty of them! A cross between Sunset Sherbet x Purple Punch, this strain lives up to both its parents, producing high yields of highly potent cannabis flowers.


You rarely find a strain that delivers so well on both high THC and high yields, but if that’s what you’re looking for, then look no further than Blue Sunset. Packing an almighty punch of 28% THC this indica dominant strain provides a full body stone, with a nice blend of sativa euphoria for good measure.


When growing this strain you will be treated to its exotic colors. Shades of purple, blue, red, and orange are covered in a white frosting of resinous trichomes. And when it comes to bud production Blue Sunset thrives. Expected yields of 650-700g/m2 indoors and 1kg per plant outdoors mean you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor long after harvest.

Gorilla Glue cannabis strain


THC: 25%+
YIELD: Over 600gr/m²
HEIGHT: 180-220cm
EFFECT: Relaxing, Couch Lock

Gorilla Glue really is a strain that has everything! This award-winning strain is one of the most popular cultivars around, and it’s easy to see why.


THC content of 25%+ means it’s one of the strongest strains on the market, delivering a powerful and intense high that will blow your socks off. Not only does Gorilla Glue offer massive levels of THC, it produces a whole lot of bud. Yields of over 600g/m2 are available indoors in just 7-9 weeks flowering time. If grown outdoors this strain can easily produce 600g of super sticky buds per plant.


Another big attribute of Gorilla Glue is its height. When grown this strain does have tendencies to grow rather tall, so it is a good idea to do some training on it if space is an issue.

Gorilla Glue cannabis strain


THC: 27-30%
YIELD: 500-600gr/m²
HEIGHT: 100-180cm
EFFECT: Relaxing, Euphoric

Recognized worldwide for being one of the most potent cannabis strains around, Birthday Cake has become a top choice for cannabis growers. A cross between Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies, this strain incorporates strength, taste, and yield in equal measures.


The first thing that comes to mind when talking about Birthday Cake is its THC. Levels of 27-30% THC make this strain a go-to for those looking for the strong stuff. Pair that with its sweet, vanilla, spicy flavors and you have yourself a perfect package.


But what makes this strain even better is that you get loads of it! Expected yields when growing indoors are 500-600g/m2 in just 7-9 weeks of flowering, while outdoors you’re looking at 700g per plant.


As high yielding cannabis strains go this isn’t top of the list, but when you combine it with its potency and taste you have a strain you’ll want to grow over and over again.

Purple Punch high yielding cannabis strains


THC: 16-19%
YIELD: Over 600gr/m²
HEIGHT: 100-180cm
EFFECT: Relaxing, Uplifting

A strain created by crossing two absolute classics, Purple Punch is a complete show-stopper. When combining Larry OG x Grandaddy Purple the results were always going to be good. Famed for its vigorous growth and stunning effects, this high-yielding strain is just what you need to fill your garden.


Although its THC levels are a moderate 16-19%, this indica dominant hybrids effects still come on strong. On first inhale a euphoric sense will fill your mind, while your body slips into complete relaxation and sedation, perfect for those suffering from stress or depression.


Purple Punch may not have the highest THC levels, but the same can’t be said when it comes to yield. Over 600g/m2 of oversized, heavy buds can be achieved indoors, while outdoors this strain can serve up over 700g per plant. Training techniques such as LST are well worth using on this strain as it will help increase your yield as well as strengthen the structure of the plant.


THC: 20-24%
YIELD: 500-600gr/m²
HEIGHT: 100-180cm
EFFECT: Euphoric, Relaxing

One of the most exciting strains on the market today, Skywalker OG is a cross between Skywalker x OG Kush. Known for its high yields, classic kush effects, and exquisite bag appeal this strain is a real treat.


An indica dominant hybrid with 20-24% THC, Skywalker OG is known for its out-of-this-world high. Perfect for recreational and medical users this strain uplifts your mood while totally relaxing the body, great for a night-time smoke or those dealing with anxiety or stress.


In terms of yield, this strain is up there with the best. With a flowering time of around 8-10 weeks, Skywalker OG produces 500-600g/m2 of sticky trichome-covered buds when grown indoors. While outdoors, yields of over 700g per plant can be expected.


Although Skywalker OG has a reputation for being a little tricky to grow, this high-yielding strain is definitely worth that little bit of extra effort.

Blue Dream high yielding cannabis strains


THC: 21%
YIELD: 550-650gr/m²
HEIGHT: 180-220cm
EFFECT: Euphoric, Creative, Calming

Originating in California, Blue Dream is a hugely popular strain known for its sativa high that makes it perfect for a daytime smoke. A blend between Blueberry x Super Silver Haze has made this Blue Dream one of the most talked about strains for many years.


Containing THC content of 21% this strain will not blow your head off, but rather energize you, giving you a feel-good factor that’s bound to lift your mood. Its sativa dominance will leave you feeling clear-headed and euphoric, making it a great tonic for depression and pain.


Not only does Blue Dream feel great and taste of deep fruity berries, but it’s also a really high-yielding marijuana strain. Due to its dominant sativa traits, this strain does grow rather tall at around 1.2m-1.8m, but the resulting yields will leave you more than pleased. Yields of between 550-650g/m2 can easily be achieved in just 9-10 weeks of flowering. Grown outdoors this beauty is capable of delivering 1.5-2kg per plant if grown in ideal conditions.

All this means that Blue Dream still is and always will be a true marijuana legend.

Quebec marijuana strain


THC: 18-21%
YIELD: 625gr/m²
HEIGHT: 100-180cm
EFFECT: Cerebral, Relaxing

Quebec Gold 2.0 is a 50/50 hybrid created by crossing Big Bud x Skunk. The results are a super high-yielding strain that delights you with its effects and citrus flavors.


This strain really delivers on production. Huge yields of around 625g/m2 can be achieved indoors in as little as 9 weeks of flowering, making this strain’s ability to deliver such an abundance of heavy, compact buds even more impressive. Outdoors you can expect up to 1300g per plant.


When grown this plant has a pungent aroma of citrus that will fill your nostrils and make you want to sample instantly. Once you do take the first inhale of this strain you will be met with its 18-21% THC that will deliver a powerful but balanced high. It begins with a very pleasant cerebral high followed by a sweet feeling of body relaxation, perfect for any occasion.

There are many factors to consider when deciding on your next cannabis strain to grow, but if high yields are top of your list then you need look no further than these 10. Whether growing indoors or outdoors you can achieve a bountiful crop without having to be an expert. And with something for everyone you will definitely get more bang for your buck!

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