Top 10 Cannabis Strains For Beginners

Top 10 cannabis strains for beginners

Cultivating cannabis is becoming more and more popular. As legalization continues to increase across the globe, cannabis enthusiasts everywhere are beginning to grow their own supplies. Although growing weed isn’t overly challenging, if you are a novice you may want to start out with easy genetics to help you on your way. Easy marijuana strains to grow will help you understand the process of cultivation, as well as build your confidence in mastering this horticultural adventure. Beginner friendly marijuana strains will still need to be well looked after, but they are usually more forgiving, and resilient, making them easier to manage. But what are the best cannabis strains for beginners to grow?

Here we will take a look at our Top 10 beginner friendly marijuana strains that are perfect for novices.

Factors to Consider

When first starting out growing weed there are a lot of factors to consider when deciding on a strain. For most novice growers these will be, cost, ease of growth, quick flowering times, high yields, and high potency. Strains that tick all these boxes are a perfect place to start. 

In this list, we will only be including feminized photoperiod strains. That means these strains will rely on a change of light cycle to produce flowers. Autoflowering seeds are another great option for beginners, as they will flower without needing any assistance. So check out our list of Top 10 autoflowering strains if that suits your needs more.

So let’s take a look at our Top 10 cannabis strains for beginners!

GMO Cookies marijuana strain


THC: 20-24%
YIELD: 500-600gr/m²
HEIGHT: 100-180cm
EFFECT: Uplifting, Relaxing, body buzz

GMO Cookies is a hugely popular strain that is great for beginners. A cross of Chemdawg x Girl Scout Cookies, this potent and flavorsome hybrid delivers great results in all areas, especially if you are new to the world of cannabis growing.


There’s a reason why GMO Cookies are on most people’s grow list. The potency, taste, and effect you get from the strain is up there with the best. Clocking in at between 20-24% THC, this Indica-dominant strain has an incredibly calming effect. It will uplift the mind with relaxation while producing a strong body buzz that’ll leave you feeling peaceful and sedated. And due to its high levels of THC, this strain’s long-lasting blissful effects are said to be helpful for insomnia, depression, and arthritis.


GMO Cookies is also a complete taste sensation. It has a unique sweet, earthy, and diesel flavor with a hint of garlic, herbal, and even coffee-like richness that will tingle your tastebuds. And leave you craving more.


If you want more than just awesome flavors and effects, then GMO Cookies has that covered. Producing massive yields of 500-600gr/m², in just 8-10 weeks of flowering will mean there will be plenty of bud to keep you going.

So If you’re seeking an easy-to-grow strain that’ll blow you away in yields, taste, and a strong buzz, look no further than GMO Cookies.

Blue Dream Marijuana Strain


THC: 17-24%
YIELD: 500-600gr/m²
HEIGHT: 180-220cm
EFFECT: Euphoric, Relaxing, Calming

Originating in California, Blue Dream is a hugely popular strain known for its sativa high that makes it perfect for a daytime smoke. A blend between Blueberry x Super Silver Haze has made Blue Dream one of the most talked about strains for many years.


Containing THC content of up to 24% this strain will not blow your head off, but rather energize you, giving you a feel-good factor that’s bound to lift your mood. Its sativa dominance will leave you feeling clear-headed and euphoric, making it an excellent tonic for depression and pain.


Not only does Blue Dream feel great and taste of deep fruity berries, but it’s also a really high-yielding marijuana strain. In terms of ease of growth, Blue Dream is perfect for those starting out. However due to its dominant sativa traits, this strain does grow rather tall at around 180cm, so some training may be required. But the results will leave you more than pleased. Yields of between 550-650g/m2 can easily be achieved in just 8-10 weeks of flowering. Grown outdoors this beauty can deliver 1.5-2kg per plant if grown in ideal conditions.

All this means that Blue Dream still is and always will be a true marijuana legend.


THC: 19-22%
YIELD: 600-800gr/m²
HEIGHT: 180-220cm
EFFECT: Euphoric, Happy, Energetic

Famous throughout the world, Super Lemon Haze is loved for its Sativa-dominant effects, refreshing citrus flavors, and favorable growing traits. The perfect offspring of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. With a genetic profile that’s 80:20 sativa-indica, it’s a strain that will elevate your mood and focus your mind.


Super Lemon Haze offers THC levels of 19-22% and a stimulating buzz that’s second to none. Users will quickly feel emotionally uplifted and in an enhanced state of alertness. And while its indica tendencies produce a nice sense of bodily relaxation, this strain will energize you like little else. This makes Super Lemon Haze perfect for the daytime, whether you want to socialize or be productive. Living up to its name, Super Lemon Haze has an aroma and flavor profile that is deliciously citrusy. However, it delivers even more thanks to its Skunk genetics, which provides Super Lemon Haze with a pungent and even earthy side. Making it hard to put down.


Super Lemon Haze is a strong, sturdy plant that doesn’t need much attention, which is ideal for novices. But be sure to give it plenty of space to stretch out as it grows rather tall. And as a sativa it can take a little longer to flower. But with yields of up to 800gr/m², it’s definitely worth the wait.

There’s a reason that Super Lemon Haze is an award-winning strain, sampling and growing this strain is an absolute delight to anyone that tries it.

Wedding Cake cannabis strain


THC: 22-26%
YIELD: 500-650gr/m²
HEIGHT: 100-180cm
EFFECT: Euphoric,Uplifting, Calming

Another strain that needs no introduction is Wedding Cake! Created by cross-breeding the famous Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, Wedding Cake is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid that is known for its high THC content, delivering relaxing yet uplifting effects.


As mentioned, Wedding Cake really packs a punch. With levels of up to 26% THC, this strain provides a potent experience that comes in uplifting, euphoric, and calming waves for both the body and mind. This strain is Ideal for both daytime and nighttime use and is known for promoting creativity and elevating bad moods. 


When it comes to flavor, Wedding Cake will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. Although on the first inhale you will experience a hit of tangy sourness and an undercurrent of sugar and spice. The exhale is where the sweetness and rich, creamy vanilla flavors, accompanied by citrus and spice, delight the tastebuds.


Wedding Cakes indica-dominant genetics means it usually grows short and stout, but it still provides excellent yields of around 500-650gr/m² of dense, trichome-covered buds. All of this in just 8-10 weeks. 

Overall Wedding Cake is a very beginner friendly marijuan strain, however, you’ll want to be sure to prune and top Wedding Cake to get rid of some of its foliage, for fear of it developing mold.

This frosty strain is covered in trichomes and its sweet citrusy smells with hints of vanilla make it a pleasure to grow.

Northern Lights marijuana strain


THC: 15-22%
YIELD: 350-500gr/m²
HEIGHT: 100-180cm
EFFECT: Relaxing, Euphoric, Uplifting

Northern Lights is a strain that needs no introduction. Its history dates back to the 1980s, and due to its incredible genetics, it’s still setting the standard by which other Indicas are judged. 


Thought to be a descendant of indigenous Afghani and Thai landrace strains Northern Lights has a certain secrecy around its lineage, which is now obscured in mystery. Rumor says that it was sprouted first near Seattle, Washington by a breeder called “The Indian”. Others claim that the strain originated in California. One thing that is for certain though is that Northern Lights remains one of the most trusted names and sought-after varieties in cannabis culture.


Although Northern Lights may not be classed as a high THC strain, with reliable levels of 15-18%, reaching up to 22% if grown in optimal conditions, the effect it produces is what makes it so sought after. Northern Lights produces a full-bodied high that starts from the head and gradually descends down the body. Ultimately leaving the user in a state of deep relaxation. 


When it comes to taste Northern Lights begins with soft subtle notes of earthy pine upon inhaling, it then smoothly transitions to a much sweeter more citrus-like flavor on the exhale. This fine balance provides a perfect smoking experience that not many other strains can match.


Northern Lights plants are known for having a relatively short flowering time, generally around 8 weeks, and ease of growing due to their highly resistant nature. Making it a perfect beginner friendly marijuana strain. This strain has a moderate plant height of between 100-180cm and solid yields of between 350-500 g/m2. Northern Lights will respond very well to LST should space be an issue, but if left to its own devices outside this hardy variety has been known to grow to tree-like proportions.

Green Crack beginner friendly marijuana strain


THC: 20-24%
YIELD: 400-600gr/m²
HEIGHT: 100-180cm
EFFECT: Euphoric, Energetic, Uplifting

Bred from a combo of Skunk #1 and an unknown indica, this strain was initially known as Cush or Green Cush. However, well-known cannabis connoisseur Snoop Dogg renamed this strain Green Crack due to its addictive nature. Don’t let the name mislead you though, this strain is 100% pure marijuana.


Known for its energizing and motivational buzz, this sativa dominant strain produces THC levels of between 20-24%, which will leave you focused with a steady and invigorating mental buzz that keeps you going throughout the day. Making it a perfect choice when looking for a daytime smoke.

When sampling Green Crack you are treated to a wonderfully balanced flavor profile. Its incredibly fruity taste is joined by citrussy notes and mild spiciness, with earthy undertones.


A fantastic option for growers of all levels, this resilient strain will hold up to any small mistakes that can occur during cultivation. And with impressive yields of 400-600gr/m² in just 8-10 weeks it’s obvious why this strain has been a constant in growers’ gardens for such a long time.

White Widow marijuana strain


THC: 20-24%
YIELD: 300-500gr/m²
HEIGHT: 70-120cm
EFFECT: Creative, Euphoric ,Relaxed, Uplifted

The legendary status of White Widow makes this cannabis variety one of the most sought-after and famous strains in the world. Named for its bright white trichomes, White Widow originated in the Netherlands as a cross between a South Indian Indica and a Brazilian Sativa. This well-balanced hybrid has lasted the test of time, and it’s easy to see why.


The effects of consuming White Widow are a steady cerebral high paired with a relaxing buzz that you will love! The uplifting and energetic effects of this strain make it popular for those who want to socialize, lower stress levels, or get a project done. White Widows’ THC content of 20-24% produces a powerful and long-lasting mental buzz that calms you down without locking you on the couch.

In terms of taste White Widow is very much of the classic variety. With earthy, skunky flavors with hints of citrus, this taste profile is one for the purists.


White Widow is a treat to grow for all levels, from novices to seasoned pros, this strain is hardy and forgiving. Yields of 300-500gr/m² of thick colas that are heavily covered in frosty trichomes can be achieved in around 8-9 weeks. And with heights of up to 120cm this strain is perfect for those growing in smaller spaces. 

If you haven’t grown White Widow before, then you’ve been missing out!

LSD beginner friendly marijuana strain


THC: 22-25%
YIELD: 600-700gr/m²
HEIGHT: 100-120cm
EFFECT: Euphoric, Psychedelic, Relaxed

Already one of the top-selling indica dominant strains on the market, LSD is known and loved for its hard-hitting effect and ease of growth. Created by crossing Original Skunk #1 and an Afghani Indica, this strain is a delight for your body and mind.


Although THC content of around 22-25% is nothing out of the ordinary for cannabis cultivars these days, the effect that comes when sampling LSD is completely unique. LSD gives a euphoric, powerful stoned effect, that will really uplift you and put you in an upbeat, good mood. LSDs effect can even be described as psychedelic by some users, giving reason to the name!

This strain has a complex taste profile, with earthy notes that are accompanied by hints of citrus and sweetness that only add to this strain’s beauty. 


As mentioned this strain is known for its ease of growth, therefore it is an ideal beginner friendly marijuana strain. Its hardiness means that it can withstand the stress that can arise when mistakes are made during the learning process of cannabis cultivation. When you include the fact that this strain can produce yields of 600-700gr/m² of thick, dense nugs in just 9-10 weeks it means LSD is a strain that should always be in your garden!


THC: 16-22%
YIELD: 550-650gr/m²
HEIGHT: 180-220cm
EFFECT: Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Durban Poison is a pure sativa landrace strain that originated in South Africa. Although its roots are very much South African, Durban Poison was brought to Holland in the 1970s and was bred and crossed until it was adaptable enough for even the harsh climates of Northern Europe. Making this strain perfect for those wanting to grow in less-than-ideal outdoor climates.


A pure sativa plant that has never been hybridized, Durban Poisons THC levels are usually between 16-22%, which for a photoperiod that has adapted to colder climates is a surprising bonus. The effects Durban Poison produces are what has made it such a world-famous strain. Thanks to the amazing cerebral high it delivers, users feel energetic and uplifted when consuming this strain. It’s also great for enhancing your focus and creativity, as well as being the perfect strain to socialize with. 

In terms of flavor, spicy with a hint of sweetness is the best way to describe this strain. You will be met with distinct flavors of licorice and aniseed, which are then lightened by hints of sweet vanilla and citrus, all balanced by earthy undertones. A truly unique flavor profile.


Durban Poison is a great marijuana strain for beginners. Due to its hardy, landrace genetics, it’s a very forgiving plant that’s easy to grow. However growers must be prepared for the fact that due to its pure sativa characteristics, Durban Poison can grow very tall, so make sure you allow enough room if growing indoors. The results speak for themselves with this strain though. Although flowering times can be a little longer than many photoperiods, at 10-12 Weeks, you can produce a very generous 550-650gr/m² of sticky, resin-coated buds.

If a classic pure sativa is what you’re looking for, then Durban Poison is the strain for you!

Gelat OG marijuana strain


THC: 25%
YIELD: 500-600gr/m²
HEIGHT: 90-120cm
EFFECT: Happy, Relaxing

A strain with great yields, short flowering time, and excellent potency, Gelat OG is an all-rounder that’s a perfect beginner friendly cannabis strain. This strain brings two legendary west coast genetics together. A cross between Gelato and OG Kush makes this indica dominant cultiva a go-to strain for cannabis lovers.


Producing THC levels of 25% means this strain packs a really potent punch. But its effects aren’t going to deliver a complete knockout. Users will be treated to a profoundly relaxed high, that will leave them feeling happy and upbeat, ready to spread peace and love to the world.


When it comes to taste, Gelat OG combines sweet citrus with earthy and fuel notes. All mixed in with a classic Kush base that lingers on your palate.

As well as delivering on taste and effect, growing Gelat OG is a real joy. In just 8-9 weeks this strain will deliver impressive yields of 500-600gr/m² of hard, compact, and resin-coated flowers. And as an indica dominant strain its height of up to 120cm when grown indoors is easily controllable, with it being a great strain to use techniques such as SCROG to help enhance its production.

All in all Gelat OG has everything you can ask for when picking a perfect beginner cannabis strain.

So if you are just starting your journey into growing cannabis then the beginner friendly marijuana strains in this article are all perfect choices to get you going. With an array of tastes, effects, and yields, there is something for everyone. The hardest decision now is which one to choose. And remember, growing cannabis is a hugely addictive and enjoyable experience, so you’ll never want to stop at just one strain.

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